We play a meaningful role in helping to position our clients
competitively in their operating ecosystems.

We play a meaningful role in helping to position our clients competitively in their operating ecosystems.

Our solutions

We serve both private and public sectors.  We are also building capability across niche solutions spaces that include digital transformation, e-commerce, learning & development, mobility, cyber security, broadband telecommunications, analytics and business intelligence. 

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Digital Transformation.

Incorporating the automation of business and government processes including leave, invoice and payments tracking, document generation submissions and tracking, decision making tracking, contract and sourcing management services.
Business automation solutions also extend to citizens' engagement and stakeholder communications platforms.

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Digital Network Operations

Incorporating the refresh, upgrade, optimisation and digitisation of backbone or core network infrastructure operations solutions to cater for the current hybrid working environment. Network solutions include architecting a hybrid on-premise and cloud environment, network security, broadband connectivity, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), APNs, cloud-based PABX, Managed Network Services, and Unified Communications.

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Network Access Security Management.

Incorporating biometrics, CCTV, Identity and Access Authentication Management, User or Employee Verification, Encryption and Digital Signatures, and other Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions.

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Integrated Safety, Transportation, Policing and Disaster Management

Incorporating Critical Communications, policing, emergency and integrated transportation management services.

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Enterprise Programme Management Office System.

Incorporating an integrated approach to managing enterprise-wide projects and initiatives to increase visibility of service delivery implementation status. This helps track budget spending according to project milestones, identify bottlenecks and challenges on time, as well as improve decision making utilising insights drawn daily towards compiling regular management reports.

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The marketplace

South Africa is our base market, yet we view the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa region as our expansion territory. As a tech solutions-driven entity, we are truly global in approach to doing our work and will follow our clients for special missions

We build strong
bonds with our
clients for the
long term.

Internet growth
Today the world has 4.7 billion Internet users, which is nearly 60% of the population, according to Statista.
One of the topical issues dominating technology advances currently is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is powering up industries from robotics in manufacturing to e-commerce. Mckinsey Global Institute sees the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) positing a major digital disruption.

The AI industry is expected to hit $126 billion by 2025. This potential growth represents an attractive opportunity for new ways of solving everyday life’s challenges. Of course, it generates both opportunities for the emergence of new business and revenue streams ad it does for the proliferation of cyberthreats.